Ladurée Macaroons CULTURE & LIFESTYLE
Paris, France / London, UK

From the minute you step into one of Ladurée's patisseries to the moment you sink your teeth into one of their famous macaroons, it is an experience to remember.

Crisp on the outside, smooth and soft inside, these petite cakes come in a dizzying array of colours and flavours, including permanents like salted butter caramel and rose petal, and seasonal favourites like icy mint and liquorice.

Even the boxes to take these little delights home are part of the Ladurée adventure with special-edition and collectable designs. As pleasurable and uplifting for your mood as they are for your tastebuds.

Ladurée Macaroons
Ladurée Macaroons

Ladurée is available at five locations in Paris and from Harrods in London.